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Sheyla was born and raised in Cuba. Moved to the United States 20 years ago after meeting her husband at her beloved island when she was performing with a band at the Riviera Hotel in Havana. She is a Journalist, Actress, Producer, and Photographer with a passion for travel.


Sheyla launched the tour agency to Cuba out of her desire to share her culture, music, dance, and the architecture of her homeland with others. Her agency provides travel arrangements to all Latin countries and Caribbean islands.


She is the owner of Paz Communications, a production company and has several award-wining short films, and was recognized as a leading media personality in the Latino community in Tennessee with the award “Beacon of Light” in 2019. Sheyla was one of the few Cuban-American journalists selected to travel to Cuba with President Barack Obama in 2016 as part of the White House Press Corp.

A Quote from Sheyla

"People always asked me how do I get so much done. My answer is that when you have a dream or an idea you can make it a reality. It’s just a matter of making a plan and taking daily steps to make it happen and always taking care of myself. I’m a priority on my to-do list."

Sheyla Paz una emprendedora de muchos negocios

My Mission

Peace of Mind Consulting is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in the Latino community to develop successful business platforms.

My mission is to help as many small business owners as confidently communicate and promote their business. I also provide brand development support; help build a social media presence and assist with technology training.

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